Social media marketing

Be a friend that your audience will love

Every business wants to engage on social - to have conversations and to build a community.

As a social media marketing agency in Singapore, we understand the local landscape. That's how we'll help you do the creative stuff while meeting your business goals.


Retail’s tough. The marketing calendar that’s always filled with activities. The many product lines. The new launches.

But that’s also why it’s dynamic and exciting. We’ve worked with multiple retail brands and we understand the need for speed and flexibility.

Let us help – we’d love to lift some weight from your marketing team and help you get more done.

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We play with food (in a good way) so you stand out from the rest – think storyboarding, photography, and whatever it takes for someone to find an excuse to eat.

And by the way, we have ways to track online to offline conversion, too.

We can’t wait to cook up some delicious campaigns for your brand.

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The passport to the future, be it for our young ones or enterprising adults.

We craft content for the aspirational reader – heartwarming stories, intellectual conversations, and informational pieces.

But we never forget the pragmatic business needs – traffic, leads, sign-ups.

After all, how do we build the future generation if we don’t strike a balance between them both?

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Associations & Agencies

A cause to promote; an ongoing mission that never ends. We get it, we’re on one too. Check out our company manifesto if you’re curious.

Make this journey a shared effort as we partner with you to bring advocacy to a wider audience.

Whether you’re promoting business, awareness or a way of life, we’ve tons of ideas on how to add value to your community.

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Your industry

Don’t see your industry here? We’re a versatile bunch. Some of the work we’ve done is for really niche industries.

We love a good challenge.

Why should you engage Appiloque as your social media agency?

There are many social media agencies in Singapore, but we hope to share with you how we’ve differentiated our social media marketing services based on feedback that we’ve gotten from our clients. We appreciate you taking the time to read this!

We don’t just wait for instructions

Many of our clients have told us about their past experience with social media agencies. We know that clients don’t want to instruct their social media agency on every little thing. They want their agency to provide proactive advice, not sit around waiting for instructions. This is exactly what we strive to do.

We want to empower our clients by sharing knowledge and best practices. Continuous learning is a big part of our internal agency culture – and we want to bring across this spirit of sharing and learning to our clients as well. 

We can function as your full social media marketing team (or not)

As a social media agency, we’re equipped to offer a range of services: Strategy, content, advertising, community management, and analytics. 

But most importantly, we’re flexible. We can complement your in-house designer and copywriter by recommending social media strategies, deriving insights from analytics, and handling your advertising or media buying needs. 

We can also work on a campaign or fixed retainer basis. And if you don’t have a fixed scope of work, but know that you’ll need regular ad-hoc social media marketing support, speak to us. We have something just for that.

We can establish your social media marketing foundation

You might be looking to build in-house social media marketing capabilities, but you’ve no one to guide your current staff, and hiring the right talent is difficult. There are a few ways that we can help you set up your social media marketing foundation, so that it’s easier for you to build in-house capabilities.

We can perform social media audits and competitor landscape analysis, so you get a better idea of where your brand stands. Naturally, we’ll also share actionable insights which will give your in-house marketing team a better idea of what direction to take.

If you’re starting a new brand or looking to establish a stronger presence on social media, we can create visual style guides, community management guides, as well as social media implementation plans. With these in hand, it’ll be much easier for your marketing team to handle the execution.

An in-house team based in Singapore

Our social media strategists and content creators are local and based in Singapore. Information flows between teams are easy and fast, which means you won’t have to worry about communication breakdowns. That’s how we give you a peace of mind – especially with the time-sensitive nature of social media.

Peace of mind

Deciding on the right people to represent your brand on social can be tough, but we’re here to help.

Step 1

Business Alignment

The start of it all, where we understand your business positioning, roadmap, challenges, and target audience.

The more you share, the more we can advise on your project requirements.

Step 2


Where we turn our discussions into something tangible. Think content pillars and post mock-ups.

You get to play a part too! Feedback is always appreciated.

Step 3

Project Confirmation

When you decide we’re the right one for you!

A digital quote acceptance and initial payment deposit – then we’re ready to hit the ground running.

Step 4


Send your marketing calendar and assets our way, as well as fill in a short brand survey.

We’ll do up a style guide and share our content calendar workflows.

Step 5

Content Kickstart

Exciting times when we turn content topics into actual posts – while keeping in mind your style guide.

Then it’s feedback, approval, and post scheduling!

Step 6

Gears in Motion

Ongoing content creation, community management, and media buying.

And of course, regular reports coupled with actionable insights to keep you updated. 


What social media services do you offer?

We plan out your social strategy, create content, and interact with your community. Plus, we manage and optimize ads to achieve your marketing targets. This is all done with a data-backed methodology, and we’re continuously optimizing to achieve better results for your business.

What’s a typical duration of engagement?

There are 2 main types of engagements. Campaigns are short burst and meant to achieve a single main objective. They’re usually 1 – 2 months long. Retainers are typically for 1 year, during which we work together with you or your marketing team, to support your company’s social media efforts.

What’s the cost of your services?

Every business is different and has its own distinct needs. For estimates, service fees for a social media management project can range between SGD 2,500 – 5,500 per month. But please get in touch with us first – a better understanding of your company’s needs will allow for a more accurate quote.

I have a target to hit. Can you do it?

Share with us your goals! We’ll be able to tell you upfront if it’s feasible. Plus, we can help you tailor your targets so that they align with digital marketing best practices. All KPIs are also set before the start of each project, so you always know what to expect if you work with us.

Let's start a new project together

It’s time to get that beautiful feed while achieving your business goals.

Your team of digital marketing specialists are ready to go.

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